Our Farm

Thorne Family Farm

Thorne’s farm is located off one of the most beautiful roads of Devon, an idyllic spot within the beautiful rolling hills of the Devon countryside. The Thorne family can trace its farming ancestry in Devon back hundreds of years. Thorne’s Farm has been owned by Anthony Thorne since 1986. His main concern has always been how to get the most out of the red soil of Devon, while preserving its quality and enjoying the fabulous scenery in which he lives and works.

From 1986 when Thorne’s Farm was established, we concentrated on what we have become famous for in Devon: our strawberries. In the early 1990s local people approached us to see if they could buy direct from us. Our range of soft fruit and vegetables have been developed on our farm over an area of 125 acres in the local parishes around Stockleigh Pomeroy. It was in 1992 that we started the shop. Local people visit us, and we also supply local shops and wholesalers.

The Thorne family and workers are passionate about their farm. They are dedicated to producing the freshest of local produce for their customers.